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About Us

At Foot Cure, we create quality and premium product to help you get the beautiful, smooth feet you’ve always dreamed of. With effective, powerful, and natural formulas, we aim to give you the relief you are searching for when it comes to common foot problems. With natural ingredients like tea tree oil, dead sea salt and essential oils. We give you the results you are looking for without any of the harmful chemicals or toxins.

We understand that everyone is affected by foot problems differently; and that’s precisely why we’ve worked hard to develop an all encompassing product line of hygienic care products that prevent and relieve discomfort during every stage of infection.

foot cure and stages of infection:

stage 1:
incubation period

The Incubation Period occurs after one has been exposed to the harmful bacteria that causes infections and before symptoms arise.

With everyday use, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections won’t even get the chance to arise and cause discomfort. The best way to treat is to prevent the infection from ever happening in the first place. Add Foot Cure product to your daily and nightly health regimen and stop fungal infections in their tracks.

stage 2:
acute period

The Acute Period is the period in which the infection multiple and begins to become apparent on the skin.

Once you begin to experience symptoms of a fungal or bacterial infection on your feet or nails, look to Foot Cure for fast relief. Some of our products are formulated to cure foot ailments in as little as 7 days. You can even pick from one of our kits to attack the infection from all angles and get back to your best self in no times.

stage 3:
convalescence period (recovery)

During the Convalescence Period, the infection is still active in your body, but the symptoms begin to die down.

Getting back to normal is the ultimate goal when infected, so it is imperative to continue to treat even once symptoms start to die down. Instead of just hoping it will disappear on its own, continue to care for your skin how you were when you were experiencing discomfort. Keep Foot Cure in your daily regimen to avoid experiencing the infection again.